Organized by Veronafiere
September 8-10 /2018
Sept. 7/2018 Outdoor Bike Test

Armony Electric Bike Collection 2017 – Torino



Torino is a pedal-assisted electric bike created thanks to Armony’s long-standing experience in the field of electric mobility. This model allows easy pedalling in any situation, even when the battery is flat. Carefully chosen components make the Torino bike unique in terms of reliability and resistance, and a pleasure to ride. The Torino bike is lightweight, 25 kg including the battery, with an aluminium frame and 26″ wheels, fitted with highly attractive 2.125 tyres that minimise any disturbance when riding over uneven ground. It has a suspension fork, a front and rear LED light powered by an autonomous battery, as well as an 8-function computer on the handlebar.




Its light and robust brushless motor ensures low consumption, whereas its special reduced cross-section has made it even lighter, providing excellent performance in terms of speed (max. 25km/h) and for hill acceleration. The control unit has been designed to improve motor performance and provide a smooth ride for the Torino bike. Moreover, the handlebar control system allows the rider to control the speed, the distance covered and the degree of assisted pedalling. The lithium battery is incorporated in the frame, offering advantages in terms of protection and aesthetic appeal and providing a total current of 36 volts and 13 amps. It has a Samsung cell pack, a top brand for lithium battery technology. These features give the Torino bike a maximum range of about 70 km. The technical characteristics of this modern e-bike have allowed designers full scope to create a sophisticated bike in terms of aesthetic appeal and comfort, much appreciated thanks to effortless handling and an easy climb into the saddle, which has a very low step over.



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