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September 8-10 /2018
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Italian Green Road Awards

THE OSCAR OF ITALIAN CYCLE TOURISM: the winners of the 2016 edition

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FIRST PRIZE: Friuli Venezia Giulia Alpe Adria – A cycle route of 180 kilometers, from Tarvisio to Grado, from mountain to sea.

This cycle route goes through: Pontebba, Gemona, Udine, Aquileia and gets to Grado, and is doable by all types of cycling enthusiasts without any particular difficulty. The jury has assessed that it is a cycle route almost entirely on its premises, perfectly signposted, with the possibility of inter mobility (buses and trains equipped for the transport of bicycles). The Jury also considered the excellent work of restoration of disused railways reconfigured into cycle route, and excellent services all along the path. The international appeal given by its natural extension to the city of Salzburg is one of the reasons for its great charm. Nature, art, culture are the elements that characterize its long journey to the sea. A flagship for the region Friuli Venezia Giulia who admirably takes care of this cycle route, an example for all other Italian regions. The President of Friuli Venezia, Giulia Debora Serracchiani, receiving the award, said: “We are very happy with this result and are honored to receive this award, but we will go on working as we have done continuously from 2007 to 2013, focusing on services and on improving the entire route. The winning choice was the collaboration between the three regions, Friuli, Carinthia and Salzburgerland, that will continue with the Veneto Region”.

SECOND PRIZE: Emilia Romagna for Garda / Adriatic – From Peschiera del Garda to the Po Delta a cycle route of 262 kilometers in three regions: Veneto, Lombardy and Emilia Romagna.

One cycle route that goes from Veneto to Emilia Romagna passing through Lombardy and connecting Lake Garda, the Mincio and the Po rivers, and two water cities of the Renaissance: Mantua and Ferrara, included in the list of UNESCO world heritage. The uniqueness of this path is in the water element, which allows to follow the natural course of the rivers up to the River Po Delta Park, which has recently received the recognition of Biosphere Reserve (MAB – Man and the Biosphere: an intergovernmental initiative of the UNESCO science sector whose main objective is to promote, since 1971, the idea that social and economic development and conservation of the ecosystems, biological and cultural diversity, are not incompatible with each other).

THIRD PRIZE: Lombardy with the Valtellina from Colico to Bormio – 115 km, three Lombard provinces involved: Lecco, Como, Sondrio; a flat part, the last 25 kilometers uphill.

The Jury has awarded a project, lasted over the years, that connects different cycle routes starting from the river Adda and that reaches through the high Valtellina to Tirano and Bormio, with the conversion of embankments and farmlands. The track was implemented by the four mountain communities of Valtellina, which are still dealing with the management and maintenance of the parts under their respective jurisdictions. The Province has taken steps to design and install standard road signs for the whole track, the regulation of use of the bike is unique and shared. The cycle route stretches along the river Adda beginning from Bormio, accompanying the river until it flows into the Como Lake. Many bridges and catwalks cross the river Adda. Along the entire route, cyclists can travel safely receiving useful information on the distances between the municipalities they encounter along the path, thanks to the 115 memorial stones (one every km) and 22 message boards with cartographic maps and other information, as well as signs with rules of use. The Valtellina cycle path crosses, in low Valtellina, the cycle road of the Valchiavenna, which gives the possibility to the cycle tourist to continue towards Engadine (the famous red train of Bernina, UNESCO Human Heritage, leaves from Tirano) and makes it in fact a European cycle path, geographically speaking.


A 205-kilometer cycle loop, which you can start at any point, which is marked with specific signs and runs through the heart of the Province of Siena throughout the land of Chianti and Brunello, the Crete Senesi and the Val d’Orcia. L’Eroica is a journey into the essence of the legendary Tuscan landscape on back roads, little used by motorists. A paradise for cyclists, even if not trained, as long as they are willing to spend at least two days in the area. The Jury awarded it because the Foundation L’Eroica stems from the desire to safeguard the White Routes in the Province of Siena, that in the past were paved to make them more attractive to motorists. In the late 90s, the Foundation L’Eroica has encouraged the birth of the Cadastre of the White Roads of the Province of Siena, and with the worldwide success of the Eroica Race, the Foundation has established the inestimable value of this characteristic of the Sienese territory. The values of the Foundation L’Eroica became patrimony of the Siena community that, through public institutions, has taken steps into placing the signs along the way. The Foundation participates in the maintenance of the cycle routes with a portion of the incomes of the Eroica Race, scheduled every year on the first Sunday of October. It restores damaged traits and helps to keep the route in perfect state, allowing thousands of cyclists every year to cycle safely. The cycle route is divided into sectors: in every area Hotels, restaurants, farms, grocery stores, bars and shops offer assistance and comfort. This experience represents the true spirit of Italian cycling.

PRIZE FOR THE BEST BIKE FRIENDLY TERRITORY: Alto Adige Bolzano Brenner 100 km, starts at Brenner, ends in Bolzano, totally paved, maximum slope about 1.3%.

The Jury found this a perfect example of cycle route! Totally on its premises, perfectly marked by totems with detailed descriptions regarding the path, monuments, places of interest etc. and public transportation for inter modality. Part of the route is a conversion of a disused railway. All the Alto Adige, the first Italian Region to invest and believe in cycle tourism, has these characteristics and therefore fully deserves the title of Bike Friendly territory.

SPECIAL MENTION FOR “THE SILENT ROUTE” Campania 592 km loop from Castelnuovo Cilento and back, all paved roads with low traffic.

The Jury awarded the will, the determination and foresight of two women, Simona and Carla at first, and of a group of eight founding members of the association today. Simona and Carla, who had the idea for this cycle loop, can really call themselves a self-financed start up, which created an Association of hotels, bed and breakfast, and commercial establishments of the 59 towns that the cycle route crosses. The wayfarer, in addition to the cycle maps receives the “Silentina”, a document certifying that the person who holds it is cycling along “The Silent Route”, so he can benefit from a discount of 20% on the hotels and restaurants that are part of the Association. In every stage of the path the traveler will receive a stamp, until the completion of the loop with the return in Castelnuovo Cilento. The Silent Route is not a common cycle route, but a way of exploring the territory, interacting with people and places. The welcoming of the cycle tourist is not just an accommodation service, but an hospitality system for the traveler, that in any time can rely on local people, and on the many associations available on the territory.

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Ludovica Casellati (President) director of e inventor of the Award

Federica Cudini Marketing Manager Bosch Italia

Clemente Mimun Director of TG5 national TV news

Barbara Degani parliamentary secretary Ministry of the Environment

Simona Vicari parliamentary secretary Ministery of transport and Infrastructure

Tiberio Timperi Rai journalist

Gianluca Santilli Italian Cyclist Federation


Sabrina Talarico President of the Tourist Press Association

Massimo Poggio Actor

Guido Rubino editor of

Giancarlo Feliziani Cief redactor Tg La7 national TV newe

Paolo Coin Project Manager of CosmoBike Show

Antonio Dalla Venezia Fiab

Livio Gallina Ceo of di SI.SE

Angelo Tagliabue Head of External Relations for Betonrossi SpA.





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