Organized by Veronafiere
September 8-10 /2018
Sept. 7/2018 Outdoor Bike Test

The whys of CosmoBike show

Communicate, promote, develop your business

  • 9.873¬†professionals, representing approximately 1,650 unique selling points have visited CosmoBike Show 2017: four days to meet the Italian sales network for the cycling sector.
  • It is the opportunity to create a brand identity among the general public: give the consumer, struggling to distinguish between the various brands, the clear perception of technical and qualitative difference of of your products.
  • Build your business on trust: the dealer needs to know with whom he/she is doing business with, the exhibition is an opportunity to create a bond of trust.
  • CosmoBike Show is the amplifier to tell your story: expose your marketing strategy, tell the story of your company, show the full range of your products.
  • The flywheel of communication: a press review of over 465 articles, more than 300 accredited journalists and media workers directly involved in the communication of the event, 41.044 targeted followers on social media, 70.566 video views on YouTube. CosmoBike Show is the event that talks to Italy about cycling and bicycles for 365 days a year. The numbers are clear.
  • 60,000 visitors who can be reached only through a trade exhibition combined with a show dedicated to the cycling sector.
  • CosmoBike Show is a business tool for the exhibitors: promotion, marketing and communication available to the company, the event is a tool that should be used to its full potential.




Innovation, Technology, Research


  • CosmoBike Show is the unique showcase to see the full range and all new 2019 products.
  • CosmoBike Show enhances the time of your business: the event showcases a market summary, giving the best value to the retailers’ time.
  • Real business can not disregard interpersonal bonds: the dealers and retailers want to do business with people they know and with people they trust, CosmoBike Show is the right time to create and strengthen these ties.
  • CosmoBike Show tells where the market is going: the consumer is very demanding and has increasingly high expectations, knows the product and knows exactly what he/she wants. The retailer must prepare to face this challenge and intercept these needs.
  • CosmoBike Show is training and education: retailers need to be constantly updated on innovations and new technologies to ensure the best service to their customers.¬†3 days of full immersion give the right value to the precious professional operator’s time.




Discover, Experience, Learn

  • At CosmoBike Show passion takes shape: the consumer needs to touch the product, the information online or in magazines becomes suddenly real, fantasies and expectations are realized.
  • CosmoBike Show is a single container to find all you need to ride your bike: it is a time to explore, compare, test the best chance towards a future purchase.
  • CosmoBike Show is the largest amusement park for bicycles: each family member finds his own amusement and gratification space.
  • CosmoBike Show is the arena of champions of the past and of the future: visit the exhibition also means to shake hands, get to sign an autograph, ask questions to the champions of all time.
  • More than 11,000 bike tests in 4 days during the last edition of the exhibition, 21,000 square meters of test areas for road bikes, MTB and eBike: CosmoBike Show is experience, discovery and training, to experience the technology, innovation and design focused in cycling you have to ride!