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September 8-10 / 2018
Sept. 7/2018 Outdoor Bike Test

The winners


CosmoBike Show awards the most innovative products in the bicycle industry.

Innovation, cutting-edge materials and futuristic design for the bicycle and the rider of the third millennium, eBike all-terrain dual battery, but that is not all, hi-tech gloves to monitor technological devices while you are riding, a virtual coach that monitors your biometric parameters, up to a line of sport supplements designed for women: the bicycle evolution runs faster and faster. CosmoBike Tech Award recognizes the values, the commitment and investment in applied research by companies of the cycling sector.

The eight categories have been selected by a Jury of professionals to accommodate new tech trends and lifestyle: best innovation; best design quality; best technical quality; best green product; best children’s products; best bike friendly service; Special Jury Prize and best bike adventure product. The winners were announced during the opening ceremony of CosmoBike Show 2016.

Best Green Product: the winner is Selle Italia with NET, the saddle made of recycled materials, without the use of chemical glues and environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

Best Design quality: the winner is Scapin with Kalibra, an aerodynamic racing bike with disc brakes. The special mention in this cathegory goes to the carbon fiber racing bike by Sarto Srl, the Italian craftsman of the made in Italy frames has developed a product with aerodynamic solutions and build quality of the highest level (market price: 11 thousand euro!). Another special mention goes to Brooks England with the urban helmet that uses a special internal channel that guarantees the passage of air even with few openings.

Best Innovation: the winner is SuperOP, the arm device that allows to measure the phisical condition of each athlete and determine the ideal training program. Special mention in this cathegory to Diito: hyper equipped gloves with special controls and an app to communicate with your smartphone. This device allows you to quickly control the functions to answer phone calls, drive the action cam and other accessories. Other special mention for best innovation goes to Doubel3: clothing made of special high-strength material, breathable, ideal for mountain biking.

Best Technical Quality: the winner is Alchemist with a mountain bike set of wheels that allows the hooking of the rays with a larger base and do not require any drilling on the circle. A Special mention goes to Zerofactory, the special treatment for materials that reduces wrinkles and increases smoothness.

Best Bike Adventure Product: the winner is Riese & Müller, with Delite the all-terrain eBike with dual battery system developed by Bosch eBike System. The Special mention goes to Bimp’Air, the first fully autonomous inflating device that offers cyclists a multi-purpose tool enabling them to inflate tyres, set their air forks and shock absorbers to the right pressure and install tubeless.

Best Bike Friendly Service: the winner is Europ Assistance, the insurance product designed for cyclists of all kind. A Special Mention goes to Si.Se. with the Bellavista and Panorama Project: a street signage system, guidance and reporting for urban and tourist cycle routes.

Best Children’s Product: the winner is The Smiley 2.0 Helmet designed by ABUS, awarded for quality construction and details taken from more advanced helmet models designed for adults.

Best Woman Product: the winner is Pro Action with Pink Fit, the line of supplements designed for women who practice endurance sports.

Special Jury Prize: the winner is Polini, leader in the production of parts, accessories and spare parts for motorbikes, that presented in world premiere at Cosmobike Show the first Made in Italy eBike system. A Special mention goes to Cycl with WingLights, a system of indicators which renews the concept of security and signaling for bicycles with an elegant design.

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Best Green Product

Best Design quality

Brooks            Scapin                                                              Sarto

Best Innovation

Best Technical Quality

Best Bike Adventure Product

 Best Bike Friendly Service

Best Children’s Product



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